Why Engage Organics Started a Business in the Worst Economic Time Since the Great Depression

Where else, but in America could one start a business with student loan money in the middle of a recession in 1980 and turn around and recreate it again in 2012, during the worst economic time America has seen since the Great Depression? See our full story
Obviously, being an American gives us advantages the rest of the world only envies.
As you might imagine, some people question, with raised eyebrows, “Why attempt another start-up and take on all that risk now?” They snicker, “Take out your driver’s license and look at your age.”
Of course, there are many reasons people start businesses. However, the one driving factor my husband, Jon Gage, and I honor is having a passion and belief for the business we want to create.
We aren’t blind to the risks. In fact, in the past twenty-nine years, we have partnered six businesses together. Despite the fact some were more successful than others, failure didn’t defeat us. Rather, with each incarnation, we were energized with a strong determination and drive to create something that previously only existed in our minds.
Notwithstanding the intervening years, between forming our partnership in 1983 and our entrée in our new venture now, Jon and I have maintained a strong passion and commitment to our original line of Parsley Patch Salt-Free Seasonings. In fact, we continued to use and purchase our favorite Garlicsaltless Blend at Costco for almost 15+ years, and subsequently obtained it online, until January 2012, when we were told the brand had been discontinued.
Obviously, a creative solution was needed at the moment we recognized the last of our blends had died.
So, unswerving we decided to recreate our original Parsley Patch Salt-Free Seasonings, make them organic and reintroduce them online under the name Engage Organics.
Apparently, our timing couldn’t be better, despite the troubling economic conditions facing the world now. Because this is a point in time when 40% of people over the age of 50 are facing high-blood pressure and some 58,800,000 Americans are suffering some form of heart disease.
Now more than ever, Americans need the anti-oxidant properties of salt-free herb and spice blends, which are now being recognized as sensible choices for preserving one’s health.
So, with verve and commitment we are introducing our line of 8 organic, salt-free seasonings to a new generation, who are seeking the health benefits of organic foods. Our son, Jason Sherwood, is joining us in this new iteration of the new online business.
Jason is committed to carrying on the Parsley Patch tradition of excellence. Now that he has a young, growing family of his own, Jason chooses natural, organic alternatives to safe-guard his family’s health.
In our upcoming blogs, we will share the wisdom we have gleaned from creating six business start-ups over the past three decades. It is our mission to chart the insights, which have allowed us to thrive through all the challenges that face new business owners.
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