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Northern California Costco has restocked Engage Organics Garlicsaltless®!

Load up on your next trip as we are thrilled to announce that your local Northern California Costco has restocked Engage Organics Garlicsaltless®! Do your heart a flavor and shake on fresh herbs to enhance your next meal while reaping... Read More

Hidden Dangers of Excess Sodium

Salt is a tricky substance to understand. Your body desperately needs it to function, but too much of it is equally capable of sending you to an early grave. Only trace amounts are needed for total-body health, yet few of... Read More

Stevia: The Zero-Calorie Plant-based Natural Sweetener

Is it really possible? Does a plant-derived, all natural sweetener actually exist that is both good for you and easy to use as a sugar replacement in any recipe? As it turns out, one does! Stevia,  a zero calorie sugar substitute,... Read More

Are You Among 89% with this Preventable Time Bomb Inside?

Engage Organics Salt-Free Spice Blends sick puppy Like you, I struggled for years with guilty whispers, nagging me to “get to the gym.” Of course, we acknowledge the benefits of exercising and making healthy food choices. But, some days it’s impossible to get to the gym. And harder still to fit preparing... Read More

What’s Your Sodium Intake Number?

The Obama Administration recently released its revised Dietary Guidelines, which are revised every 5 years for how to choose optimal foods and beverages for a healthy lifestyle. These guidelines serve as the official notice about what we should eat. As... Read More

Your Salt Intake Might be the Belly Fat Culprit

Researchers led by professor Graham MacGregor of Queen Mary University in London have produced the first study of its kind linking salt to obesity. The research complied data from 450 children and 780 adults from the UK National Diet and... Read More

Pink Sea Salt is Still Sodium

Most consumers are aware that ingesting too much sodium contributes to health risks. But unfortunately, few realize the impact that excessive daily sodium intake causes the body long term. Determining how much sodium one ingests is a bit tricky, especially... Read More

Recent Study shows Benefits of Organic Produce

More good news for the advocates of everything organic! A recent meta-analysis published in the British Journal of Nutrition has found that there is a big difference in the levels of antioxidants, pesticides, and toxic cadmium found in and on... Read More

Heart Disease: #1 Cause of Death by 2020

The long-awaited federal effort to prevent deaths from heart disease and stroke is at hand. Federal regulations are being considered to put pressure on food companies about the sodium levels of their food products. In a recent interview, Margaret Hamburg,... Read More

Fed Up Yet?

The 2014 American documentary film, Fed Up, produced and narrated by Katie Couric, addresses the obesity problem in the US, and postulates that the American public has been lied to about the sugar content in processed foods by food manufacturers... Read More

The Importance of Organic

The “organic” label appearing in our supermarkets isn’t just a symbol for a passing fad. Widespread adoption of organic foods in large supermarkets is an indication of a growing consumer desire for fresher, healthier, and more environmentally conscious food choices.... Read More

Salt-free Seasonings for Health

Sodium is an integral part of human health. It allows the body to perform some very important tasks, like blood volume and blood pressure regulation. However, just like most other things, sodium is only good in moderation. Overeating sodium-packed foods... Read More

Engage Organics New Curry Blend Loaded with Turmeric

Engage Organics Salt-Free Spice Blends: New Curry Blend with Turmeric Whole and Ground For the past several years there have been more than 1,000 published studies investigating the effects turmeric has upon inflammation, which is cited as the precursor to disease. Turmeric, an orange-colored spice imported from India, is part the ginger family... Read More

Salt-free Seasoning for Low-Sodium, Healthy Living

Sodium is an integral part of human health. It allows the body to perform some very important tasks, like blood volume and blood pressure regulation. However, just like most other things, sodium is only good in moderation. Overeating sodium-packed foods... Read More

Dr. Weil, Health Guru, Scheduled to Speak About Antioxidant Properties of Herbs at Natural Products Expo in Anaheim

When Andrew Weil was interviewed about his upcoming presentation at the Natural Foods Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center, March 6-9, 2014, he commented that “Healthy convenience foods are a big one–fewer people than ever have time to cook.” However,... Read More

A Medicine Chest Right in Your Spice Drawer

One of the best weapons against high cholesterol, atherosclerosis, and high blood pressure is in your spice drawer. It is even an antidote to the common cold. Garlic. Native to central Asia, garlic is one of the oldest cultivated plants... Read More

Importance of Salt-Free, Gluten-Free, and Non-GMO Living

The new generation of shoppers is significantly more health conscious and more environmentally conscious than those who came before them. They want their families to eat higher quality, more nutritious, and tastier foods. Healthy lifestyles are gaining huge amounts of... Read More

Don’t Make the Mistake Thinking Gluten-free is Another Fad

It seems everywhere you turn these days “gluten-free” options are popping up in menus, articles, and in products on the grocery shelf. Since the New York Times Bestseller, “Wheat Belly,” by Dr. William Davis hit the market in 2011, people... Read More

Should You Worry About GMO Altered Foods in Your Diet?

GMO is a term describing plants and animals that are genetically modified through the gene splicing techniques of biotechnology. In essence, these techniques take DNA from different species and merge them together, creating unstable combinations of plants, animal, bacterial and... Read More

Why Millennials Embrace Organic

Millennials, the generation born between 1982 and 2001, grocery shop with the “Dirty Dozen” list in their pockets. The food choices made by this group is changing the way consumers shop for groceries. The reason is this, in lieu of... Read More

Are You Making This Gluten-free Mistake?

Are you aware that today’s wheat is nothing like the wheat of the 1950’s? Yes, wheat is no longer the sturdy staple, which nourished our forbearers on a daily basis. Rather, today’s wheat has been genetically altered and changed dramatically... Read More

Get Your Grill On!

Grilling is one of the healthier ways to prepare food because 1. Grilling reduces the fat content of meat–the fat drips off as the food cooks. 2. Grilling seals in flavor with a juicy crust that keeps foods tender. 3.... Read More

Do Your Heart a Flavor–Nix Salt Now

So, what harm does all that extra sodium in the diet actually do? Americans consume too much sodium, which causes the body to retain water and places an added burden on the heart and blood vessels. Ultimately, raising blood pressure... Read More

Healthier Living with Engage Organics Salt-free Blends

Would you ever think you could make pasta salad taste better without using a grain of salt? At Engage Organics, we do it all the time and serve it at our demos. In fact, people have lined up to get... Read More

Why We Eat Too Much Salt

Researchers are divided about the reasons humans find the taste of salt pleasurable. Some believe that salt dates to our early survival instincts and allowed us to identify food that contained sodium because sodium intake was critical to survival. Others... Read More

Salt Kills 1 in 10 in US

Yes, salt kills. A new study, released by a Harvard research team linked excessive salt consumption to almost 2.3 million cardiovascular deaths worldwide in 2010. The demographics in the U.S. are staggering. One in ten U.S. deaths are linked to... Read More

5 Healthy Swaps Using Organic Herbs and Spices You Can Make Today for a Healthier YOU

It’s the little things like swapping out salt for Engage Organics salt-free herbs and spices in your diet that make you instantly healtheir.   Don’t wait until high blood pressure strikes to limit your sodium intake to 1500 mg/day, which is less... Read More

Do You Make these Mistakes About Your Sodium Consumption?

Most Americans are under the impression using sea salt instead of regular table salt is good for your heart.   However, few Americans realize sea salt, kosher salt, and gourmet salts are chemically the same as table salt (40 percent... Read More

Parsley Patch—First All Natural Salt-free Blends—First to Shake the Salt Habit

The modern American diet contains twice the amount of daily sodium consumption recommended by the American Heart Association. And this increase in sodium use has continued to climb since Parsley Patch made its debut as the first all natural salt-free... Read More

Do You Make this Health Mistake?

Most Americans today consume as little as 175-225 mg of magnesium per day vs. the US RDA daily recommendation of 420 mg. as estimated by the World Health Organization. Unfortunately, most people are ignorant of the antioxidants in herbs and... Read More
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