There is a distinct difference between grilling and barbecuing. Now you can add grilled flavor with Engage Organics Go-Grill-A-Rub and sear in juices the healthy way without sodium and fat.

“There is nothing like Go-Grill-A-Rub on the market,” says Jason Sherwood (41), from the Engage Organic offices in Kelseyville, California. Go-Grill-A-Rub adds sizzle, heat, and a smoky sweetness to everything you grill. “The heat settles on your tongue and languishes into layers of flavor that tease the palate into wanting more.”


Sherwood and his cousin, Jeremy Fitzpatrick (35), are proud of the new blend they added to the line the small family business has created. They were children when the first rendition of these blends hit the market in the 1980’s under the Parsley Patch Salt-free Blends brand.

Once Parsley Patch was sold to McCormick in the late 1980’s the cousins continued to use old jars of their favorite blends, combining and tweaking them for their barbecue specialties.


“Both Jason and Jeremy have great palates,” says Pat Gage, co-founder of Parsley Patch.


Now everyone is back in the kitchen whipping up their favorites with the new rendition of the old recipes under the Engage Organics Salt-free Seasonings brand. The recipes are exactly the same as the original blends, however, they are now organic. A big concern to Sherwood’s and Fitzpatrick’s generation.

Engage Organics Salt-free Seasoning Blends comes in 9 varieties. Look for the Original All-Purpose with or without sesame seeds; the famous Garlicsaltless Blend makes the best garlic bread on the planet; Tuscany-Mix is the original Italian Blend that puts zip into anything pasta; Mexi-Mix, formerly Mexican Blend replaces those high sodium taco seasoning packets with real flavor instead of salt; Sweet-Cinn, which was formerly called Spicy Cinnamon turns coffee into a Starbuck’s specialty treat with a stir; of course, Lemon Pepper is one of the only Lemon Peppers on the market without salt and sugar as the first ingredient; It’s-A-Dilly is a cult favorite for salmon and anything fish, chicken, or potato.

And now Go-Grill-A-Rub, which is slated to become a grill staple, brings heat, zing and flavor without salt.

Engage Organics Salt-free Seasoning Blends are now available through local distributors. Ask for them and they can be found once again to bring health and flavor to everything you cook.