Kids have to be taught how to become salt-free seasonings entrepreneurs. They are never too young to catch the passion.

My grandson, Jack Sherwood (9), has his eye on becoming Engage Organics Salt-free Seasonings CEO,” says Pat Gage (68) from their offices in Kelseyville, California.

Jack Sherwood is the third generation in the salt-free seasoning business that was pioneered by his grandma in the 1980’s. Despite the fact he is only 9 years old, this young entrepreneur is learning how to run this family business.


Sherwood can be seen on weekends, with clipboard in hand, checking off items needed to do in-store demos. Sherwood, along with his Dad, Jason Sherwood (41), are becoming regulars on the demo-trail, where they can be seen in key stores, sharing favorite family recipes made with their organic salt-free seasonings.

Jack Sherwood is not only learning how to market Engage Organics Salt-free Seasonings, he knows how to blend and bottle the secret recipes that made the original Parsley Patch Salt-free Blends successful. Engage Organics is a reintroduction of the original Parsley Patch Salt-free Blends that pioneered the natural salt-free market in the 1980’s.

Now the father and son duo will ensure that the family legacy is carried on for their generation and future generations who embrace the health benefits of organic salt-free seasonings.

Now all 9 Engage Organics Salt-free Seasoning Blends can be found in your local market. Look for the Original All-Purpose with and without sesame seeds; the famous Garlicsaltless Blend makes the best garlic bread on the planet; Tuscany-Mix puts zip into anything pasta; Mexi-Mix replaces those high sodium taco seasoning packets with real flavor instead of salt; Sweet-Cinn turns coffee and oatmeal into a Starbucks’ specialty treat; Lemon Pepper without sugar and salt makes chicken into a gourmet delight; It’s-A-Dilly is a cult favorite for salmon and beyond, and our newest blend, Go-Grill-A-Rub puts a crusty coat of flavor on everything grilled.

These Engage Organics Salt-free Seasoning Blends are the identical recipes that made each Parsley Patch  brand famous.