Organic Herb Blends are best known for turning ordinary foods into mouthwatering delicacies. But herbs and spices also contain a vast array of powerful phytochemical compounds or phytonutrients, which are protective chemicals found in foods of plant origin.


It is well known that plants produce phytochemicals to protect themselves; however, recent research shows that they may protect humans as well.


Herbs and spices are thought to contain particularly beneficial phytochemicals and are now added to a list of potential beneficial effects on human health.


The Agricultural Research Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture lists ways phytonutrients may protect human health:


  • Serve as antioxidants
  • Enhance immune response
  • Enhance cell-to-cell communication
  • Alter estrogen metabolism
  • Convert to Vitamin A
  • Cause cancer cells to die (apoptosis)
  • Repair DNA damage caused by smoking and other toxic exposures
  • Detoxify carcinogens through the activation of cytocrome P450 and Phase II enzyme systems


The idea that you can add more antioxidants to your diet by simply shaking herbs and spices, which are high in antioxidants, directly onto your foods is inspiring. However, so many people have no idea about how to use the herbs and spices in their daily cooking.


Engage Organics Salt-free Organic Seasonings has taken the guesswork out for you about how to use herbs and spices. Engage Organics, 8 Salt-free Organic Blends enhance flavor, reduce salt, and boost your antioxidant levels by shaking them directly on or into everything you prepare.


Use the foods high in antioxidants in Engage Organics Salt-free Organic Spice Blends as an easy way to protect your health and expose yourself to a wide variety of phytochemicals in just a shake.