Are you puffy, bloated, and swollen? If so, you can reduce this condition with the 7 super spices in Engage Organics Salt-Free Seasoning Blends.
What you might not expect is that these are warning signs of inflammation in the body. It is the body’s way of addressing a disturbance that causes premature aging and illness.
If left unchecked, inflammation builds in the body and has been linked to more serious maladies like heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, and other disabling diseases.
Through the centuries culinary herbs and spices have treated all manner of maladies. However, now researchers have discovered that the phenol compounds in spices contribute significantly to their antioxidant capacity. Ultimately, the studies show the intake of herbs contributes greatly to the total intake of plant antioxidants. That means your salad dressing laced with herbs and spices increases the antioxidant properties of the salad.
The good news is that research is shining the light on the antioxidant attributes of herbs and spices for fighting inflammation. And now the American Cancer Institute for Cancer Research notes that herbs and spices should be used as flavor enhancers because of their health-protective phytochemical properties, which can help fight cancer and other diseases.
So, add flavor to your foods, boost your antioxidant power, and omit salt to keep you young and thriving. Our eight Engage Organics Salt-Free Seasoning Blends already have the 7 super herbs and spices infused in each blend. Just a shake or two at each meal will give you the added benefit of antioxidants and flavor to promote health.
We’ve made it easy to pinch or pour the 7 super herbs and spices, which are flavor-fully combined in all of Engage Organics eight organic, salt-free blends. We take the guesswork out of how to use herbs and spices. All you have to do is shake it on for an instant antioxidant flavor boost:
1.    Engage Organics Sweet Cinn contains cinnamon as the first ingredient, which has been shown to regulate blood sugar and cholesterol in the body. And of course, the ginger in Sweet Cinn satisfies a sweet tooth, while providing the body with the antioxidant level equivalent to spinach. Just a dash of Sweet Cinn in your oatmeal, smoothies, fruit preserves, coffee, yogurt, or tea in the morning will jump start your day with sweet, healthy flavor.
2.    Engage Organics Tuscany-Mix’s major ingredient is oregano. And one teaspoon of oregano has the antioxidant value of 3 cups of chopped broccoli. Add Tuscany-Mix to your spaghetti sauce, pizza, salads, and cheese sandwiches for a healthy antioxidant zing. It’s like having a salad in one teaspoonful.

3.    Engage Organics Mexi-Mix promises a punch for your metabolism, because its main ingredients are paprika and cayenne—a double red pepper wallop. You won’t need taco seasoning in those expensive throw away packets any longer. Mexi-Mix makes everything from mashed potatoes to guacamole sing. The good news is that the red peppers are fat-burners. All that in one seasoning blend!
4.    Engage Organics Garlicsaltless is heart-healthy concoction, which includes, oregano, rosemary, thyme, and basil—key antioxidants for reducing inflammation. Of course, garlic is like a super food in itself for its effectiveness in lowering cholesterol. Garlicsaltless is bottled magic, because it contains nearly all the 7 super healthful antioxidants in one blend. Give your body an antioxidant kick wrapped in flavor. Soon you won’t be able to cook without it.
5.    Engage Organics Lemon Pepper without salt or sugar is a feat in itself. But Engage Organics Lemon Pepper boasts the health benefits of garlic, paprika, cayenne, oregano, and thyme. The thyme in Lemon Pepper is one of the 7 super herbs because research is showing it as having a role in respiratory function. So to get more thyme, more oregano, more red pepper metabolism, and more cholesterol lowering effects, Engage Organics brings it all together in a super blend that delivers flavor for an adventurous palate. Sprinkle it on fish to get your omega 3’s, too.
6.    Engage Organics It’s-A-Dilly is our only blend with dill. And dill is the one herb that has been used through the centuries to treat heartburn and diarrhea. Dill has a calming effect, so it is also a sleep aid. Of course, the intense garlic infusion in It’s-A-Dilly makes this an ideal blend for lowering cholesterol levels naturally. Make it your omega 3 companion, because it makes fish taste gourmet.
7.    Engage Organics Original All-Purpose is a magic blend that can be used instead of salt in all dishes. Its healthful ingredients include garlic, onion, basil, oregano, thyme, cayenne, and paprika. Original All-Purpose contains a litany of anti-inflammation ingredients. And the sesame seeds are a wonderful source of omega 3’s. Just a shake in a salad enhances the antioxidant benefits of the vegetables. What can be better than flavor and health instead of salt?
8.    Engage Organics Seed-Free All-Purpose is a special blend for those on special diets. The ingredients in Seed-Free All-Purpose, too, contain onion, garlic, basil, cayenne, paprika, oregano, and thyme, but without seeds. It’s an antioxidant mix you won’t be able to live without.
Stock your cupboard with all 8 Engage Organic Salt-Free Seasoning Blends for health-enhancing antioxidant flavor boosters. Engage Organics takes the guesswork out of how to combine the herbs for flavor and strength. We did it for YOU and YOUR HEALTH, so “Do Your Heart a Flavor”® and kick the salt habit. Engage Organics Salt-Free Blends makes it easy to be healthy.