Cooking can be so good for your emotional well-being, as the Wall Street Journal reports. Therapists are now recommending cooking classes as a way to treat depression, anxiety, eating disorders, ADHD and addiction.

Because cooking requires constant focus, prepping ingredients, adjusting seasonings, stirring, creaming or browning—the mind is given a break to concentrate on the cooking process, instead of rewinding constant mind chatter.

The concentration required for cooking is not unlike meditation because it quiets the mind and stops thinking.

It’s ironic we spend our childhoods learning to think, not realizing that the hamster wheel in our brain runs over the same negative thoughts over and over, until it wears ruts in our psyche. 

Until now, meditation and mindfulness have been the go-to strategies to quiet the mind and reduce stress. However, psychologists are now touting the belief that cooking and baking are therapeutic because they fit a type of therapy known as “behavioral activation”.

These culinary activities, as reported by Wall Street Journal, alleviate depression by “increasing goal-oriented behavior and curbing procrastination”. Cooking gives people a sense of control that they might not have on a daily basis.

Of course, there are delicious perks that come with cooking and baking. When you cook for others it is a gesture of love that can be shared in a primal, survival way.

Next time you are feeling stressed, cook up something delicious and focus your mind on the recipe. You won’t need a cooking class to teach you how to flavor your dishes. A shake or two of Engage Organics pre-blended seasonings takes the guesswork out of how to season any dish. The scrumptious results will be a huge boon to your mental well-being and your taste buds.