organic-market-produceMore good news for the advocates of everything organic!

A recent meta-analysis published in the British Journal of Nutrition has found that there is a big difference in the levels of antioxidants, pesticides, and toxic cadmium found in and on organic produce.

The meta-analysis looked at over 300 peer-reviewed studies on the composition and health benefits of organic foods. The analysis is the largest of its kind, incorporating data from more studies than any other meta-analysis.

The analysis also put more weight on studies that presented more thorough, rigorous data. This means that statistical anomalies were less likely to be represented in the results.

What the researchers found was conclusive and pretty amazing (but not very surprising). In all, there is an 18-69 percent higher concentration of antioxidants in organic produce than in conventional produce. Antioxidants are well known for their health benefits and their link to reduced incidence of disease.

When you look at the numbers practically, eating organic produce is akin to eating 1-2 extra portions of conventional produce when it comes to getting antioxidants into your body. That’s just another benefit of eating organic!

There are also far lower concentrations of pesticides on organic produce. The analysis found that conventional crops are four times more likely to have pesticide residue than organic crops.

While we know that the levels of pesticides found on all crops is regulated to the point of non-toxicity, we still don’t know the long-term effects of regularly consuming even low levels of pesticides.

Finally, the study found that organic produce contained 48 percent lower concentrations of cadmium. Cadmium is well known as a toxic substance that builds up in the body over long periods of time via consistently ingesting low doses.

The effects of cadmium can be severe but not completely known, and include kidney damage, skeletal damage, lung damage, and certain cancers.

Some other recent studies have claimed that there is no “significant” health benefit to eating organic foods, but avoiding exposure to toxic pesticides and metals seems pretty significant.

Eating organic is important! Not only does it represent a shift in how we manage our health across the world, but a shift in how we grow, distribute, and buy our produce. We’re willing to bet that more and more research will be coming our way that shows the positive effects of eating organic!

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