Can you imagine our surprise?

When the Engage Organics website had only been up a couple of days, we received an order for 10 bottles It’s-A-Dilly Salt-free Seasoning Blend via

I was so surprised about the order I called Heather Strang in Fort Knox, Kentucky to find out how she had found It’s-A-Dilly and why she wanted 10 jars of the blend.

In a youthful voice, Heather told me she was in the military and had been injured. She was at Fort Knox to recover, while her mother, Dorene Strang, was caring for her young son in Beulah, MI. Heather was thrilled, because she had found the original Parsley Patch It’s-A-Dilly Salt-free Blend, while searching on

Heather further explained that her mother had a special recipe she made with It’s-A-Dilly and was devastated, because Dorene was down to her final jar of the blend and was hording it. When Heather found It’s-A-Dilly on, she quickly ordered 10 jars (Five jars of It’s-A-Dilly for herself and 5 jars for her mother ) in fear the blend might be discontinued again.

Of course, I was really interested in the It’s-A-Dilly secret recipe both mother and daughter cherished. Heather described how her mother made a chicken salad spread, which she served on crackers or used for sandwich fillings. Evidently, this chicken salad recipe was a favorite for all their friends and family. It had become a legend.

I insured Heather, now that It’s-A-Dilly is back in production, she is guaranteed her secret ingredient will be readily available online via or through the Engage Organic’s website whenever she is ready for more.

As you might imagine, I asked Dorene to share her recipe and she did so a little reluctantly. I promised I would give her credit on the website, so others would remember every time they make her chicken salad recipe that families like Heather’s and Dorene’s pay enormous prices for the freedom we enjoy in America.

I must admit I don’t think I’ll ever take a bite of chicken salad without remembering Dorene and Heather and Heather’s five year old son. Thank you for your sacrifices, ladies. Forever after It’s-A-Dilly will have a new sub-title: Heather and Dorene’s Secret Blend.

We hope you enjoy her recipe as much as we did. It’s so easy, yet so tasty. We’re happy to have brought back Dorene’s bottled magic, so we can all share her chicken salad secret ingredient.