It’s-A-Dilly has been a long-time favorite of Parsley Patch fans, who have used it as staple in everything from fish to dips. In fact, once the blend was discontinued there were conversations on the web about how to replicate the ingredients in one’s kitchen.


The good news is: It’s-A-Dilly is back in its original formulation.


Yes, Virginia, the new iteration of Engage Organics It’s-A-Dilly contains sesame seeds!


The unusual combination of dill and sesame seeds makes It’s-A-Dilly a spicy concoction that contains a multitude of health benefits.


Dill’s healing properties for the digestive system are well-documented and have been used since ancient times:


  • Dill has been used as a hiccup remedy since medieval times
  • Dill aids heartburn and diarrheaEngage Organics It's-A-Dilly
  • Dill is an effective ingredient of gripe water used for babies
  • Dill is a diuretic, which increases urination, helping to remove toxic substances from the body
  • Dill is useful in stimulating and regulating menstrual flow.
  • It’s calming properties promote sleep and reduce stress
  • Dill contains calcium and iron
  • The plant oils may neutralize carcinogens, which are substances thought to cause cancer
  • Dill seeds are highly useful in curing bad breath.
  • Dill leaves or seeds can prevent bloating


Engage Organics It’s-A-Dilly delivers a powerful punch of the healing aspects of dill along with the nutritional value of sesame seeds in one delightful shake.


Engage Organics Salt-free Seasoning Blends don’t simply add flavor without salt to foods, but rather can become your handy weapon against free-radical damage, too. Fortify your health by shaking our healthy blends into everything you eat.


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