Frank Camilleri, Manager at Oliver’s Market, Montecito Center, Santa Rosa, California says, “Welcome back. You hit a royal flush with Engage Organics Salt-free Seasoning Blends this time: organic, salt-free, gluten-free, Non-GMO, and local plant-based seasoning blends.

Engage Organics Salt-free Seasoning Blends debuted at the Natural Foods Expo in Anaheim to the delight of today’s informed consumer who wants to know their foods are organic, salt-free, gluten-free, Non-GMO, and local.

Engage Organics is a small Sonoma County family business, piloted by Jon and Pat Gage, their son, Jason Sherwood, and nephew, Jeremy Fitzpatrick. This family team is dedicated to finishing what the Gage’s started when they pioneered the natural, salt-free category in the 1980’s.

The return of this salt-free pioneer to the Natural Foods Expo was timely, now that the industry is keen on recognizing lifestyle changes directly protect heart health.

“Ironically, today’s consumer is highly educated on the health risks of consuming too much sodium in the diet,” says Pat Gage. “The AMA has done a good job in educating people to reduce sodium levels below 1500 mg/day.”

Despite the facts,, estimates that by the year 2020, heart disease will become the leading cause of death on the planet.

So now more than ever, Engage Organics has returned to help today’s consumer make better lifestyle choices by taking the guesswork out of how to flavor foods without salt. The easy, convenient pre-measured blends are perfectly balanced to replace bland with flavor.

Engage Organics Salt-free Seasoning Blends come in 9 varieties. Look for the Original All-Purpose with and without sesame seeds. Of course, the famous Garlicsaltless Blend makes the best garlic bread on the planet; while Tuscany-Mix puts zip into anything pasta. The Mexi-Mix is a sure bet for replacing those high sodium taco seasoning packets with real flavor instead of salt. And if you want a Starbuck’s treat in your cup of java at home, try Sweet-Cinn and gain the cholesterol lowering benefits of cinnamon in a stir. Engage Organics Lemon Pepper is completely void of sugar and salt, which are the main ingredients in most Lemon Peppers. Engage Organics Lemon Pepper has pucker power and is flying off the shelves. Don’t miss It’s-A-Dilly, a cult favorite for salmon and beyond. And lastly, the new Go-Grill-A-Rub turns barbecue into bliss.

These salt-free seasoning recipes are the identical recipes that made each brand famous under the Parsley Patch label.

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