Pat Gage“Glad you are back in business. . .” says Patricia McCormick in a recent communiqué sent to Engage Organics Salt-free Seasonings website. “I love Parsley Patch Seasonings, and I STILL have some Oriental Blend in my freezer, which I still dole out (sparingly) in Asian recipes,” McCormick elaborates.


Certainly, freezing of Patricia McCormick’s last bottle of Oriental Blend gives new meaning to the term cryopreservation to include spices for over 20 years.

However, Patricia McCormick adoration for the little spice company with panache that pioneered the natural salt-free seasoning blend market in the 1980’s isn’t unusual.

“We get thank you notes all the time,” says Pat Gage, co-founder of Parsley Patch and now Engage Organics Salt-free Seasoning Blends, “for reintroducing the blends that captivated a cult following. We are thrilled to reconnect with loyal customers who regrettably have been unable to find replacements for our blends over the past decades.”

Gage, along with her husband, Jon, are joined in the business by their son, Jason Sherwood (41) and nephew, Jeremy Fitzpatrick (35), who, too, are committed to sharing the news that the original Parsley Patch Salt-free Blends are back in an organic rendition for a new generation of health-conscious consumers.

“Our original blends weren’t organic,” says Pat Gage. “We are thrilled to be able to now offer organic, salt-free, and gluten-free seasoning blends for today’s consumer.”