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Lasagna Soup Seasonings

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The perfect seasoning blend for Lasagna Soup. Garlicsaltless and Tuscany blend will take your Lasagna Soup to the next level. Always Saltless, GMO Free, and Organic.

Garlicsaltless® Description

Creative Cooks: Great chefs praise the benefits of garlic for cooking. Now you can have the ease of an instant form without SALT. Use it while sautéing, roasting, or grilling and get ready for raves. It makes garlic bread sinful. A ½ tsp of Garlicsaltless is worth a clove of garlic.

Since its debut in the spring of 1984, Garlicsaltless has been the favorite “go-to” blend of chefs and novice cooks alike. The magic ingredients of Garlicsaltless appeared in a dream, where the original formula NEVER had to be changed. In fact, Garlicsaltless is the blend that turned the original Parsley Patch Salt Free Seasoning Company’s bottom line from red to black.

The popularity of this blend has survived for over 25 years under the Parsley Patch label. However, once it was discontinued in Costco and Amazon, the original co-founders of this blend (Jon & Patti Gage) decided to bring it back and make it available in an online version of the original blend.

Sprinkle Garlicsaltless in all your recipes. It replaces salt with a burst of flavor. Watch it enliven soups, stews, barbecued or roasted beef, poultry, fish, turkey, and pork. It’s marvelous in quiche, egg and chicken salad recipes.

Try this SECRET to save time and enhance flavor for all your dinners. Simply place your meats, chicken, or fish inside a plastic bag and dredge with olive oil. Then season generously with Garlicsaltless. The plastic bag can be sealed and frozen, ready for your future dinner once you defrost it. It’s magic. Already marinated. Already delicious. Life is good.

Tuscany Mix Description

Creative Cooks: Our Tuscany-Mix makes spaghetti sauce sing. It is wonderful on barbecued chicken, and when mixed with All-Purpose, becomes a staple for dressings, rice, and potatoes. BE CREATIVE. You will love its versatility.

Making pasta sauce without Tuscany-Mix is impossible. It simply doesn’t taste the same. Just shake and taste as you go. Your palette will tell you when it’s perfect.

And if you’re a pizza lover there is nothing as good as Tuscany-Mix sprinkled on top of your meats, cheeses, tomatoes, and sauce. Tuscany-Mix defines the difference between bland and tasty with just a shake or two. The taste depends upon it.

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