Dorene Strang of Beulah, MI has been making her favorite Chicken Salad on Crackers

for friends and family for years. She was disheartened when she could no longer find

It’s-A-Dilly to season her special appetizer.  When she found It’s-A-Dilly had been

given new life, she ordered 10 bottles all at once for safe-keeping.

Dorene explains she simply drains the chicken, shreds it, and adds her favorite Ranch Dressing

until the chicken is moistened. She then  shakes It’s-A-Dilly into the bowl until the chicken

hits the right sour-sweet notes.

Thank you, Dorene, for sharing your favorite recipe. Hopefully, it will become a favorite for

many other families to enjoy.

We send a HUGE thank you to you and your daughter, Heather, for the sacrifices

you are making, while Heather is risking her life in the military to safeguard our freedoms.

Many blessings to all of you.