This is the first step in our video series where we  prepare two chickens on a Sunday afternoon to be subsequently used as the basic protein for meals, during the entire week.


Don’t fret, our menu will not make you over-indulge on chicken so you won’t want it again. In fact, it’s just the opposite. The weekly meals are prepared in under 30 minutes and are designed to mimic those meals you might pick-up for take-out to save time on week nights. We couch the chicken into Mexican, Italian, Pasta, and Pizza dishes that delight your taste buds.


So, instead of over-indulging in sodium, MSG, and fat that restaurants typically use to make their meals tasty, you will have control over your health. And your palette will thank you for the healthy flavor.


This rotisserie-style chicken cooks for almost 5 hours in a 250 degree oven. The legs ooze juice that squirts out when you cut into them. And the aroma fills the house with mouth-watering anticipation while the chicken cooks. Our English Bulldog, Beethoven, made a drool-puddle on the floor beneath the oven, waiting for a taste.

First Steps:

Begin by mixing the Engage Organics seasonings together in a small bowl. This combination is enough seasoning for two 4 lb. whole chickens:

8 tsp. Engage Organics Mexi-Mix

4 tbsp. Engage Organics Garlicsaltless

4 tbsp. Engage Organics All-Purpose

4 tsp. black pepper

Wash the whole chicken, remove the giblets and wipe the inside and outside dry with paper toweling.

Once the chickens are dry, rub each chicken inside and out with the blended spice mixture, until thoroughly coated.

Place a quartered onion inside each chicken cavity.

Place chicken in re-sealable bag or double wrap plastic wrap. Refrigerate overnight or at least 4-6 hours. ( I don’t have this wait time, because I season the birds and stuff them with onion right after I purchase them. I pop the prepared birds into the freezer, so when I defrost them they are already marinating in the seasoning rub. It saves time and makes the preparation so much easier. Try it.)

Preheat oven to 250 degrees.

Place chickens on a rack inside a roasting pan. Bake uncovered for 4-5 hours, depending upon size, until thermometer reads 180 degrees.

Let chickens stand for 10 minutes before carving. You can also wrap them in foil to keep them warm.

These chickens are juicy and flavorful. Nothing like their grocery-store counterparts that eek with sodium.

Enjoy the flavor and ease they bring your week.

For Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night menus, using the rotisserie-style chicken, see:

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