The life expectancy in America is now 17 years longer than it was at the turn of the 20th century.


However, living longer without one’s health is a slow death sentence. So, what you eat and how you take care of your body matters more now than possibly ever before.


The American Heart Association statistics show most Americans consume twice the amount of sodium recommended on a daily basis for heart health. Of course, most of this sodium comes from restaurant food, fast food, and pre-packaged grocery items.


Statistics show that 40% of Americans eat out weekly, and this does not consider how many times the American consumer resorts to fast food to supplement the diet.


Obviously,  sodium intake is difficult to control unless one prepares meals at home However, not monitoring one’s sodium intake leads to high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke.


So what is one to do in this fast-paced world where the nightly ritual means preparing a family meal, helping children with homework while answering email form the office all at the same time?


Ironically, technology and modern conveniences translate into less time than previous generation enjoyed.


But there are some shortcuts that remove the stress of deciding what to serve for dinner at the last minute It takes a little pre-planning on the weekend, but the rewards are a peaceful week, where you can enjoy healthy meals without the worry of compromising your family’s health and pocketbook with constant take-out foods.


Consider slow-cooking two whole chickens, rotisserie style, on Sunday–just like the already cooked ones you buy in the supermarket. But the good news is your version doesn’t have the 4-5 tablespoons of sodium added to flavor the store-bought variety.


The best part is these slow-cooked chicken are loaded with flavor and juiciness you don’t get from supermarket version.


The meat from the birds can make meals for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights without feeling like you are eating nothing but chicken. We have devised a menu to mirror the favorite “take-out” varieties your family loves.


You can cook these meals in under 30 minutes without added sodium and MSG.


Imagine, you might even have time to sip a glass of wine and kick your feet up. It will be like Mom’s dinners–tasty and nutritious without harmful ingredients.


Introduce a Chinese, Mexican, Pasta, and Pizza version of the Rotisserie Chicken for a different version every week night. Depending upon the size of your family, you might even have enough chicken to make chicken salad sandwiches to take to school or work.


How does this menu sound?

  •      Monday: Jump-start the week with chickens verde enchiladas, using some of the meat form your rotisserie chicken, tucked inside tortillas  with cheese and smothered with green chile verde sauce. Everyone will look forward to the tantalizing smell of enchiladas cooking when they come in the door.


  •      Tuesday is the perfect night to serve Chinese Chicken Salad, tossed with nutritious veggies. It’s fast and delicious and nutritious.


  •      Hump-day is brightened with a scrumptious pasta dish that rivals your favorite restaurant choice. Add veggies to the pasta sauce and even the kids will eat it.


  •      Then Thursday is crowned with a fabulous Barbecued Chicken Pizza made with fresh pizza dough. Wow. It’s a homework booster, because the kids will want to finish their work so they can inhale their favorite pizza. My grandson, Jack (8), even makes the dough himself. He’s very proud of it. And it’s fabulous.


Who could refuse these favorite restaurant dishes served at home without the harmful sodium that plays havoc with one’s health.


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