In an effort to supply the consumer with products that actually provide the nutrients they were intended to supply, Costco is becoming a major player in the burgeoning organic market.

Costco Image

Engage Organics Garlicsaltless Blend is important to meeting growing consumer demand for organics, because Garlicsaltless is a seasoning blend that has more antioxidants, lacks pesticide residue, is healthier for the environment, is salt-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, and Non-GMO certified at a time when consumers are demanding to know what is in their food.

Engage Organics supports Costco’s commitment to the younger Millennial generation, who are demanding clean food choices , and is proud to partner with a major player who recognizes the importance of manufacturing products that are what they claim to be.

Rejoice. We are fortunate to live in a time, when major retailers listen to our concerns. So, if you can’t find Engage Organics Salt-free Seasonings in your local Costco, ask for it.

Isn’t it nice to know someone at Costco listens to our concerns?