“The supplements business hasn’t seen this much entrepreneurial activity since right after the passage of 1994’s DSHEA,” says Todd Runestead in his article, Start-up Stories in CBD Land.

According to Runestead, the cloud of confusion looming over Hemp-derived CBD rides on the fact that government laws confuse hemp CBD with marijuana.

Hemp is not marijuana. Hemp is food.

While they come from the same plant species, hemp has no – or just trace amounts – of THC, the intoxicating chemical in marijuana. Hemp simply cannot get you high.

What is little known is that hemp has a deep enduring American history.

It was a leading cash crop grown by many of our nation’s founders, and was critical to U.S. efforts in both world wars. While farming hemp was made illegal in the 20th century, imported hemp products have been sold in every state for decades, an almost billion-dollar import industry.

Growing and selling hemp is legal.

Growing hemp was legalized by the 2014 Farm Bill for states that establish research pilot programs (now more than 30). The 2016 Omnibus Spending Law prohibits federal agencies from interfering with state-authorized hemp pilot projects, or with the interstate sale of such hemp products.

Beware, not all hemp products are equal. It is important to seek products that contain full-spectrum, industrial hemp-derived CBD.

Engage Hemp CBD Seasoning Blends and full-spectrum High-CBD powder uses a patent-pending process without HEAT or CHEMICALS (which destroy the healing benefits of antioxidants) to produce a pure sanitized powder, which is free of mold and contaminants that can be added directly to food.

This unique delivery system of adding “High-CBD” hemp brings flavor and antioxidants dosages to your diet without having to take a pill. You can control how much or how little you use.

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