Someone has a heart attack in the United States every 34 seconds. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in this country, according to the Centers for Disease Control. In fact, by the year 2020 heart disease will be the leading cause of death worldwide.

Because of these statistics a broader swath of consumers are thinking about preventive options where heart health is concerned.

Reducing sodium in the diet is a preventive option one can control in the home by using herbs and spices to season and flavor foods, instead of sodium. However, eating in restaurants is a challenge that eludes many, who eat take-out and restaurant foods regularly.

Because restaurant foods are notoriously high in sodium, the awareness has stirred New York City to require chain restaurants with 15 or more locations to label high-sodium foods on their menus.

Is this a trend for a no-salt revival, or will it fall as flat as NYC mayor DeBlasio’s predecessor, Michael Bloomberg who banned sugary drinks larger than 16oz in 2012?

The research continues to support lowering sodium levels in the American diet.

Eat Less Salt

In fact, recent research from the University of California, San Diego and Johns Hopkins University suggest “. . . cooking with spices and herbs could close the 1,000 mg gap between the amount of sodium American consumer on a daily basis, and the amount recommended by the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.”

In the study, participants were taught to flavor their food with spices and herbs instead of salt. By the end of the study, participants were “able to reduce sodium intake by an average of 956.8 mg/day-which is about 1/3 of the average sodium adults consumer each day.”

The typical American diets consumes about 3,300 mg of sodium per day, which is obviously 1,000 mg higher than the recommended Dietary Guideline for Americans.

Americans have heard for years that they need to cut back on sodium; however, most people do not know how to season foods with herbs and spices.

Now that the consumer is recognizing the importance of making changes in their sodium intake, the No-Salt Revival is Back for Engage Organics Salt-free Seasonings, who pioneered the salt-free category in the 1980’s under the Parsley Patch label.

Replace sodium with flavor. This time your health depends upon it.