The modern American diet contains twice the amount of daily sodium consumption recommended by the American Heart Association. And this increase in sodium use has continued to climb since Parsley Patch made its debut as the first all natural salt-free blends in the 1980’s.

Until Parsley Patch introduced a line of natural salt-free blended spices, most salt-alternatives contained potassium chloride as a salt-substitute, which left an after-taste many couldn’t embrace instead of salt.

However, once people became aware they could use Parsley Patch Original All-Purpose instead of salt at the table, they kicked the salt habit and replaced it with a unique medley of herb and spice blends that delivered flavor without an after-taste.

The salt-free market has grown exponentially since the 1980’s. However, despite the fact many Americans removed the salt-shaker from the table, they continued to rely on pre-packaged foods and restaurant meals to feed their families in our hurry-up-and-eat society.

As a result, the sodium consumption in the American diet today is calculated at 3436 milligrams of sodium per day, which is twice what the American Heart Association recommends (1500 milligrams per day) to safeguard health.

Sodium is a health-hazard because it raises blood pressure, which puts one at risk for coronary heart disease and stroke.

So, if you consume more than ½ to ¾ tsp. of sodium per day, you are putting your health in jeopardy.

Of course, in an ideal world you would not have to resort to using pre-packaged, prepared foods to feed your family. Growing one’s own vegetables and preparing foods using organic salt-free spices, instead of salt, would be a huge step in controlling one’s health. However, because we live in a world with so many conveniences and so little time; one of the last defenses for safe-guarding one’s health is to learn how to read food labels.

When sleuthing out the sodium in pre-packaged foods, look for words like “soda,” “sodium,” and the chemical symbol “Na.” Keep in mind that sodium adds flavor and preservative qualities to all types of foods. It’s not only in pre-packaged entrees, but sodium is also used in heavy doses in breads, cereals, soups, pasta, luncheon meats, and condiments, like catsup. These are food sources you might overlook when counting sodium intake.

So, if you are still using the salt-shaker at the table, now is the time to shake the salt habit with Engage Organics All-Purpose. You can shake this wonderful medley of herbs and seeds directly onto your foods to increase the antioxidant benefits of the veggies in your salads and side-dishes. The sesame seeds in our Original All-Purpose gives your body an omega 3 and omega 6 boost, with added crunch and flavor salt could never produce. Embrace your health and Shake the Salt Habit today.